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Suing Abusive Debt Collectors for Illegal Tactics

Most debt collectors work on a commission basis. This means that they don’t get paid until they get your money. Their goal is to scare you into paying the debt as quickly as possible and they will not hesitate to use threats, such as harassing and threatening language and deceptive tactics to make you pay. However, this conduct is not only upsetting to consumers, it is illegal under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). At Southeast Consumer Law, we help consumers like yourself whose rights have been violated to pursue lawsuits against the offending collection firm or collector.

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Holding Abusive Collectors Accountable

The FDCPA gives you the right to sue the collector and recover damages. However, you will have to prove that the debt collector has used illegal practices to try and collect their money. Debt collectors know they can be sued for this, and often try to harass debtors without anyone- even the debtor- being aware that harassment is occurring. Working with a knowledgeable Atlanta creditor harassment defense lawyer is in your best interest to ensure your rights are not being violated.

A few examples of conduct prohibited by the FDCPA include:

  • Using obscene language, including “curse” words, and racial or ethnic slurs
  • Suggesting that consumer committed a crime by failing to pay the debt
  • Questioning the debtor’s morals
  • Repeated telephone calls to the debtor at inconvenient hours
  • Causing the debtor’s telephone to ring and then hanging up
  • Continuing to contact the debtor after the debtor has instructed the collector, in writing, to cease all further communications
  • Suggesting that failure to pay a debt will subject the debtor to arrest or imprisonment
  • Threatening physical violence or other criminal harm to the person

Some conduct which also violates the FDCPA in less obvious ways includes collecting an unauthorized fee or interest, threatening to seize your exempt property, communicating with a third party about your debt, or sending you any simulated legal documents.

Debt Collectors & Firms We've Sued

Protecting your rights under the FDCPA is our priority at Southeast Consumer Law. Over the years, our firm has sued a number of debt collection law firms and debt collectors in federal court. Many of our cases involve violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and consumer harassment.

This has included the following firms and collectors:

  • Cawley & Bergmann, LLP
  • Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, PC
  • Greene & Cooper, LLP
  • Lazega & Johansson, LLC
  • Lefkoff, Rubin, Gleason & Russo
  • McCullough, Payne & Haan, LLC
  • Pollack & Rosen, PA
  • Accounts Receivable Management, Inc.
  • Allied Interstate, LLC
  • American Collection Systems
  • Asset Acceptance, LLC
  • Associated Credit Services, Inc.
  • Contract Callers, Inc.
  • Corporate Receivables, Inc.
  • Creditors Financial Group, LLC
  • Gemini Capital Group, LLC
  • General Revenue Corp.
  • Georgia Receivables, LLC
  • Griggs & Associates, LLC
  • Midland Funding, LLC
  • National Enterprise Systems, Inc.
  • Nationwide Credit Recovery, Inc.
  • Northstar Location Services, LLC
  • Pinnacle Asset Group, LLC
  • Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC
  • West Asset Management, Inc.
  • St John Cobb, Inc.

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