Fighting To Give Our Clients a Voice

Standing up for our clients, both inside and outside of the courtroom is our firm's primary goal. Our founding attorney, Lawrence Silverman, and our staff of legal professionals have worked alongside thousands of clients to help resolve credit disputes, as well as various other cases. If you or a loved one is being harassed by collection agencies, creditors, or are being for credit evasion, please feel free to reach out to our firm. To learn more about our recent victories, check out some of our recent cases below.

    • National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts dismiss over $200,00 in loan claims. $200,000 Recovered

      The National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts (2005-1, 2005-2, 2005-3, 2006-1, 2006-3, and 2007-4) filed TEN lawsuits in Gwinnett County against our client seeking to recover almost $200,000 in allegedly defaulted loans. As usual, NCSLT could not produce the necessary documents to prove its legal right to collect. Once again, when it came time to “fish or cut bait,” NCSLT “jumped off the boat” by dismissing every one of the ten cases.

    • NCSLT dismisses AGAIN!

      Our client was sued by the National Collegiate Student Loan Trust, which claims that it is the holder of the defendant’s student loan. As with most similar cases we’ve handled, NCSLT does not have the necessary paperwork to prove they own the account and the legal right to collect. NCSLT does not want to divulge the trade secrets upon which its predatory business model is founded. Thus, after ignoring this defendant’s request for documents and three attempts to schedule the deposition of their corporate representative, NCSLT, chose to dismiss the case. Once again, when pushed to “Fish or cut bait,” NCSLT instead chooses to jump off the boat. NCSLT was represented by the Atlanta based creditors’ firm, Lazega & Johanson. The case was NCSLT 2005-3 vs. Lauren B., State Court of Hall County, Georgia.

    • Scammy Dating Service Sues for Abusive Debt Collection Case dismissed!

      Our client signed a contract for a $5,000 “membership” with an Atlanta dating service. She stopped paying on the contract when it soon became clear to her that the company would not fulfill its exaggerated promises. The dating service sold its claim to “Conrad Acceptance Corp.” which sued her in the Cobb County Magistrate Court. Case dismissed! What’s even more significant is that the activities undertaken by CAC’s attorneys to collect the debt resulted in our client filing a federal lawsuit against them for abusive practices under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.